Turkey’s downturn, points of interest

  Turkey’s downturn, points of interest By Ioannis Michaletos – Political & Security Analyst Turkey is in the midst of a…


The deep roots of Lepen’s victory

Regardless the election of governors in the second round in France, Lepen’s FrontNational has marked a critical momentum –that of…


Turkey and the refugee wave into Europe

  Turkey’s leverage and EU’s aphasia By Ioannis Michaletos – Political & Security Analyst The EU member states are gradually and…


Europe in Disintegration

If a clear signal was needed that the European Union is falling apart at an alarming rate, Hungary’s construction of…


Tracking the money of ISIS [photos]

Unseen Islamic State Financial Accounts for Deir az-Zor Province The question of where the Islamic State [IS] acquires its funding…

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