Flag Country Capital
saint_lucia_fluttering_flag_64 Saint Lucia Castries
saint_vincent_and_the_grenadines_fluttering_flag_64 Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Kingstown
saint_kitts_and_nevis_fluttering_flag_64 Saint Kitts and Nevis Basseterre
haiti_fluttering_flag_64 Haiti Port-au-Prince
antigua_and_barbuda_fluttering_flag_64 Antigua & Barbuda Saint John’s
argentina_fluttering_flag_64 Argentina Buenos Aires
venezuela_fluttering_flag_64 Venezuela Caracas
bolivia_fluttering_flag_64 Bolivia Sucre
brazil_fluttering_flag_64 Brazil Brazilia
guatemala_fluttering_flag_64 Guatemala Guatemala City
guyana_fluttering_flag_64 Guyana Georgetown
grenada_fluttering_flag_64 Grenada St. George’s
dominican_republic_fluttering_flag_64 Dominican Republic Santo Domingp
el_salvador_fluttering_flag_64 El Salvador San Salvador
united_states_of_america_fluttering_flag_64 United States of America Washington
ecuador_fluttering_flag_64 Ecuador Quito
canada_fluttering_flag_64 Canada Ottawa
colombia_fluttering_flag_64 Colombia Bogota
costa_rica_fluttering_flag_64 Costa Rica San Jose
cuba_fluttering_flag_64 Cuba Havana
mexico_fluttering_flag_64 Mexico Mexico City
barbados_fluttering_flag_64 Barbados Bridgetown
bahamas_fluttering_flag_64 Bahamas Nassau
belize_fluttering_flag_64 Belize Belmopan
nicaragua_fluttering_flag_64 Nicaragua Managua
dominica_fluttering_flag_64 Dominica Roseau
honduras_fluttering_flag_64 Honduras Tegucigalpa
uruguay_fluttering_flag_64 Uruguay Montevideo
panama_fluttering_flag_64 Panama Panama City
paraguay_fluttering_flag_64 Paraguay Asunción
peru_fluttering_flag_64 Peru Lima
suriname_fluttering_flag_64 Suriname Paramaribo
jamaica_fluttering_flag_64 Jamaica Kingston
trinidad_and_tobago_fluttering_flag_64 Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain
chile_fluttering_flag_64 Chile Santiago

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