Morocco: strong words to the political elite from the king

The 30th of each July Morocco celebrates the anniversary of King Mohammed the VI’s accession to the throne.  It has been 17 years since he inherited the Alaouite realm from the late Hassan the II which dates back to almost four centuries ago. Morocco has indeed succeeded in preserving its authenticity as an ancient kingdom with ancestral values and traditions, but also in keeping on the track of evolution and modernity.

In his annual speech for this occasion, the Moroccan king stressed the need for his country to consolidate this image by urging the political class to seek the common interest of the nation rather than the one of a single party or group, as general elections loom ahead. He urged them also to abide by the new concept of authority which is based on a full assumption of responsibility and presentation of accounts for anyone in charge, be it a designated person by the king himself or elected by the people. In fact, this can be the only way to fight corruption which laminates the kingdom’s path to a well established democracy.

In terms of economic and social development, the King called for the implementation of all mechanisms that are likely to make the Moroccan economy highly competitive. In fact, Morocco has attracted big investments in recent years particularly in the car industry and aeronautics thanks to its strategies and regulations. This enabled the North African country to become a junction platform for intercontinental trade mainly between Europe and Africa, and it is indeed, a good example of south to south cooperation as Moroccan industries and services reach to sub-Saharan countries thanks to the king’s African policy.

It seems that Morocco is on its way to becoming one of the emergent countries in Africa thanks to ongoing transformations in governance and economic policies pushed by King Mohammed the VI. Still, the political class should rise up to the challenge and adhere into the new vision of governance and authority as stated by the King is his speech.