Moroccan Parliament condemns, for a second time, EP’s hostile campaigns anti- Morocco

Following the latest hostile positions of the European Parliament towards Morocco, Moroccan deputies, lawmakers, lawyers and legal experts and representatives of civil society took part in a conference-debate organized on Wednesday 8th February by the Moroccan Parliament to debate on the hostile campaign led by some MEPs against Morocco.

The two Houses of Morocco’s Parliament have reiterated their condemnation of the current and misleading accusations and hostile campaigns orchestrated by the European Parliament (EP) against the Kingdom’s territorial integrity and interference in its judiciary system.

Thus, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Rachid Talbi ALAMI, said that the actions of some parties in the European Parliament against Morocco constitute « interference in the internal affairs of states led by lobbies that are more active with the rise in energy prices ».

The EP campaign is « targeting our international positioning », the Speaker said, referring to Morocco’s diplomatic gains over the past decade, including its growing strategic primacy in Africa and the increasingly irreversible pro-Morocco momentum on the Sahara issue.

The attitude of a political current within the EP is contrary to the spirit of the Morocco-EU partnership relations, and the Kingdom’s advanced status with the Union and all the positions and statements of European officials, he stated further.

In the same vein, the chairman of the Morocco-European Union Joint Parliamentary Committee, Mr. Lahcen HADDAD, stressed that the Kingdom’s problem is not with the European Union or its various institutions, rather the problem is with some MEPs reputed for their hostility towards Morocco.

« These MEPs have taken advantage of the corruption crisis shaking the EP to create a climate of fear within the European legislative institution, pushing it to undermine Morocco’s image and reputation in the media and to adopt resolutions hostile to the Kingdom », he said.

Mr. Haddad claimed that 112 anti-Morocco issues and 18 attempted amendments were raised in the EP in 2022, is a clear indication of the existence of a « systematic war » against the Moroccan Kingdom.

Regarding the accusation against Morocco over Pegasus spyware, the French lawyer, Maître Olivier BARATELLI, lawyer of the Kingdom of Morocco before the French courts, stressed, in a video projected during this conference, that no technical element could confirm the “fanciful” accusations made against Morocco on the alleged use of the Pegasus spyware, specifying that « None of the plaintiffs was able to provide evidence that the spyware would have infected his cell phone ».

The French lawyer concluded that « Morocco has been clearly the victim of an attempt at international destabilization for a long time ».

Other speakers at the Moroccan Parliament conference on EP’s hostile campaigns anti- Morocco state that the instrumentalization by the EP of the human rights issue, the maneuvers against the territorial integrity of the Kingdom or the underhand exploitation of the Pegasus affair, are a hostile reaction and blackmail to the growing success of the Moroccan diplomacy and expanding economic gains, led by the Moroccan King, recalling, in this regard, the number of African and regional countries supporting Morocco’s stance on the Sahara as well as the US recognition of Morocco’s territorial integrity and sovereignty over its southern provinces.

It should be recalled, at length, that the Moroccan Parliament announced on January 23, 2023, in a joint statement issued by its two chambers, its decision to reconsider and reassess its relations with the European Parliament in order to take firm and appropriate decisions in light of the European Parliament’s recent hostile positions against Morocco.