28 African countries ask the AU to suspend Western Sahara membership

Morocco, one of the most influential countries in the African Continent, has stressed its will to reintegrate into the African Union when King Mohammed the IV addressed a letter to the UA 27th summit in Rwanda. The king highlighted how attached Morocco remains to its African roots and how it intends to continue working for the stability and prosperity of the continent. The king recalled also the circumstances that pushed Morocco to leave the organization, and said it is high time his country made the choice to restore its siege back and correct this error. He means Western Sahara still being a full member of the African Union, while only few countries still recognize it.

As a response, 28 member countries submitted a motion to the President of the AU calling for the suspension of Western Sahara activities in the organization, so as to be able to play a constructive role in settling this regional dispute.

Many observers see this move as part of the king’s offensive diplomacy to fight the polisario front where it should be, particularly that the AU has become a breeding ground for anti-moroccan activism. “The empty chair” policy followed so far has proved inefficient; the reason why a shift in strategy is needed, according to many analysts.

Morocco’s adversaries tried to portray this return as a de facto recognition of Western Sahara, but the Kingdom has expressed its reservations that its decision to reintegrate into the AU shall not be interpreted as such.