Morocco Decides Not to Participate in TICAD Summit; Recalls Ambassador in Tunis for Consultations

Morocco has decided not to participate in the 8th TICAD Summit to be held in Tunisia on August 27 and 28 and to immediately recall its Ambassador in Tunis for consultations, in light of the attitude of this country within the framework of the Japan-Africa Cooperation Forum process, which blatantly confirms its hostility towards the Kingdom, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Abroad said on Friday.“After recently multiplying positions and negative acts against the Kingdom of Morocco and its higher interests, the attitude of Tunisia in the TICAD (Japan-Africa Cooperation Forum) process has confirmed its hostility,” a statement from the ministry said.

Against the advice of Japan and in violation of the preparation process and the established rules, Tunisia decided unilaterally to invite the separatist entity, according to the same source.
The reception given by the Tunisian Head of State to the leader of the separatist militia is a serious and unprecedented act, which deeply offends the feelings of the Moroccan people and its forces.

Faced with this hostile and detrimental attitude to the brotherly relations that the two countries have always maintained, the Kingdom of Morocco has decided not to participate in the 8th TICAD Summit to be held in Tunisia on 27 and 28 August and to immediately recall the Ambassador of His Majesty the King in Tunis for consultations, the statement continued.

This decision does not affect, in any way, the strong and intact ties between the Moroccan and Tunisian peoples which are bound by common history and a shared destiny, the ministry insisted.

This decision does not put into question the attachment of the Kingdom of Morocco to the interests of Africa and its action within the African Union, nor does it call into question the commitment of the Kingdom within TICAD, the statement concludes.