International Parliamentary Scholarship (IPS) at the Goethe Institut Athen

The program of the International Parliamentary Scholarship (IPS) of the Bundestag presented an information event at the Goethe Institut Athen.

The Secretary General of the Parliament Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy, Professor. Paul Sourlas represented the Greek Parliament.

Mr. Sourlas in his speach said:

“Today’s event is a continuation of a corresponding event held at the same venue a year ago.  Greek public servants will participate to the International Parliamentary Scholarship Program, which is organized by the German Bundestag and executed with the support of Berlin’s Humboldt University.

The Greek Parliament expressed  its willingness to lend its full support to this cooperation program, and the Bundestag rushed to contribute to realization. We believe that this program is not only a manifestation of the will of both sides to intensify their relations, which is so necessary at these difficult times, but is one proof of the common desire of both the German and the Greek parliament to work towards thanks to the development of an even closer cooperation between the peoples of the European Union with a view to shaping the institutions of a future common European homeland.”

The event  for the selection of Greek candidates will take place on Wednesday, October 7th in Athens. The German delegation will be led by MEP. Alexander Ulrich (Die Linke) with the participation of the chairman of the University of Berlin Humboldt, Prof. Dr. Jan-Hendrik Olbertz.

The Greek part of the program is both under the auspices of the Greek Parliament and of the Bundestag.