Moldova’s prime minister resigns and government collapses, amid ongoing crises

Moldova’s government collapsed Friday as pro-Western Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita resigned, adding to a series of crises that have gripped the small nation since Russia invaded its neighbour, Ukraine.

Gavrilita told a news conference that the “time has come for me to announce my resignation” and said no one expected her government, elected in the summer of 2021, “would have to manage so many crises caused by Russian aggression in Ukraine.”

Gavrilita’s premiership was marked by a long string of problems. These include an acute energy crisis; skyrocketing inflation; and several troublesome incidents such as missiles from the war in neighboring Ukraine traversing its skies.

On Friday morning Ukraine’s military chief confirmed a fresh incident, as two Russian cruise missiles flew over Moldova’s airspace before entering Ukraine. The missiles were fired from the Black Sea, officials said.

Moldovan authorities corroborated the Ukrainian statement, and summoned the Russian ambassador to protest “against the unacceptable violation of our airspace by a Russian missile,” according to a statement.

A new government will be nominated by President Maia Sandu and then needs to be approved by Moldova’s 101-seat parliament.

SOURCE: BY Euronews