Migration: Morocco denounces the extreme dangerousness of human trafficking networks

Following the mass assault occurred, on June 24th 2022, of thousands of illegal migrants on the metal fence border separating the enclave of Melilla and the city of Nador, the Moroccan authorities deplored this assault, underlining that it is, indeed, an operation conducted and circumvented by organized international mafia networks of human trafficking aiming at bringing in migrants from outside Morocco.Morocco, endowed with a migration policy based on humanism and solidarity with migrants on the high instructions of the Moroccan sovereign, affirmed on 28th June that it will continue “its merciless and relentless fight against trafficking networks and will strengthen its cooperation with its partners within the framework of joint responsibility and its major contribution to regional security”.
In addition, Morocco has further strengthened its military posture on the borders with Algeria after this dangerous assault. The objective is to better grid the borders and provide support to other forces deployed on the ground, including elements of the Auxiliary Forces, to counter the massive arrivals of illegal migrants from Algeria.
In addition, the Moroccan justice has decided to prosecute (65) migrants, mostly Sudanese for having participated in this assault to cross into Spain from Morocco.
Moreover, the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH), an official Moroccan body, announced on 27th June the creation of a “fact-finding task” on the “tragic and violent events” provoked by this assault on illegal immigrants.
Morocco assured, finally, that it is ready to cooperate fully and as always with its African and regional friends via the exchange of expertise and cross-training.
Regarding the reaction of the Spanish authorities, the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro SANCHEZ, welcomed, on June 27, the efforts made by Morocco in the control of illegal immigration, assuring that the Kingdom is a “strategic partner”, which fights against the “violent actions of migrants orchestrated by international mafias”.
It should be recalled that at least 23 people died on 24 June when some 2,000 African migrants tried to enter the Spanish enclave of Melilla from the Moroccan city of Nador.