Greece’s stance

Greek policy is inspired by our sincere will to build an environment of peace and prosperity for all the peoples of the region, with respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. Improvement of the standard of living, protection of minorities, and respect for cultural and religious heritage are high priorities. We emphasize economic growth in parallel with stability. In this context, we voted in favor of Kosovo’s application to join the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

We fully support the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue under the auspices the EU, within a framework made possible by the conclusion of the Agreement of 19 April 2013, which gave considerable impetus to the two parties’ European course; a course Greece promotes for the Western Balkans overall.

Greece maintains a Liaison Office in Pristina.

Greece’s participation in the international presence in Kosovo

Greece participates in the non-military EU mission (EULEX) and the NATO mission (KFOR).

Economic Relations

Athens seeks to strengthen economic relations with Pristina within the framework of the constructive Greek stance on the economic development of the Western Balkans, including Kosovo*: that economic prosperity undoubtedly contributes to the maintenance of peace and stability in the region. In this context, we have accepted Kosovo’s request to establish an Economic and Commercial Affairs Office in Athens.

Greece has significant investments in Kosovo, especially in the sectors of food, beverages, construction materials, petroleum products and waste management. The volume of the bilateral trade is not particularly large, but there are prospects for the strengthening of Greek exports.

Liaison Office of the Hellenic Republic in Pristina

Address : Ismail Qemali 68, Arberia II (Dragodan II) 10.000 Prishtina,Kosovo- UNMIK
Tel. : (0038138) 243013, 247370-1-2
Fax : 245533
Emergency tel:
E-mail : grpristina@mfa.gr
Web Site: www.mfa.gr/pristina
Head of Mission : Konstantina Athanassiadou

Consular Office

Address: Ismail Qemali 68, Arberia II (Dragodan II) 10.000 Prishtina,Kosovo- UNMIK
Tel. : (0038138) 243013, 247370-1-2
Fax : 245533
Head: Ioannis Pyrgakis
* According to the United Nations Security Council decision 1244/1999

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