Flag Country Capital
afghanistan_fluttering_flag_64 Afghanistan Kabul
united_arab_emirates_fluttering_flag_64 United Arabic Emirates Abu Dhabi
jordan_fluttering_flag_64 Jordan Amman
iraq_fluttering_flag_64 Iraq Bagdat
iran_fluttering_flag_64 Iran Teheran
israel_fluttering_flag_64 Israel Jerusalem
qatar_fluttering_flag_64 Qatar Doha
kuwait_fluttering_flag_64 Kuwait Kuwait
lebanon_fluttering_flag_64 Lebanon Beirut
bahrain_fluttering_flag_64 Bahrain Manama
oman_fluttering_flag_64 Oman Muscat
saudi_arabia_fluttering_flag_64 Saudi Arabia Riyadh
syria_fluttering_flag_64 Syria Damascus
yemen_fluttering_flag_64 Yemen Sana’a

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