Greece has an Embassy in Rabat (with a Consular Bureau and a Commercial Affairs Bureau in Casablanca), and Morocco has an Embassy in Athens.

Political Relations

The political relations between Greece and Morocco are excellent and are favored by both the absence of bilateral problems and the important relations between Morocco and the EU. Our country always supports Rabat’s efforts to deepen its relations with the EU and the latter’s individual member states. Greece recognizes the constructive role of Morocco in the Arab world and North Africa. There is also traditional cooperation between the two states in international organizations.
There are a few dozen Greeks living in Morocco, most of who are involved in trade and reside in Casablanca, where the Greek Community of Morocco is based and the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary is located. Ecclesiastically, Morocco comes under the Patriarchate of Alexandria’s Metropolitan of Carthage.

Embassy in Rabat

Address : 5.5 Km Av. Mohamed VI, Villa Chems Souissi, Rabat 10 100 Maroc
Tel. : (00212537) 638964, 638975
Fax : (00212537) 638990
Emergency Tel: +212-662140462
Head of Mission : Platon Alexis Hadjimichalis

Consular Office in Casablanca

Address : 48 Blvd Rachidi, Casablanca 20000
Tel. : (00212522) 277142
Fax : (00212522) 272412
E-mail :
Head : Vassiliki Yannopoulou

Commercial Section (Casablanca)

Address: 48 Blvd Rachidi, Casablanca 20000
Tel: (00212522) 203824
Fax: (00212522) 293760
Web Site:
Head: Christos Stampoulopoulos

Embassy of Morocco in Greece

Marathonodromon 5, 154 52, P. Psichiko
Τel: 210.674.42.09, Fax: 210.674.94.80
e-mail: sifamath@

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