Celebration for the moving in of the Belgian School at Athens

The Belgian School at Athens cordialy invites you to the opening of an exhibition celebrating the moving in of our School in the new premises at Makri 11, on November 24th, 2015, at 6:30 pm.
The exhibition bears the title: “Painting the… “Kephali”. Views of the archaeological excavations at Sissi, Crete 2010-2015″ and exhibits paintings by the Sissi excavations resident artist Rosemarie McGuire.
It will take place at Makri 11, GR-11742 and will be preceded by a series of presentations focusing on the activities of the EBSA, especially at Thorikos since prof. Denis Morin (Université de Lorraine) will give a lecture on the School’s latest discoveries: “Thorikos, a mining city. Discovery of an exceptional underground network”.
The new Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium (Embassy of Belgium in Greece and Cyprus) will give his introductory speech.
A reception will follow. Please confirm your presence since there is a limited number of places available.