Greece’s diplomatic representation to Ukraine includes the Embassy in Kyiv, set up in 1993, and the Consulates General in Odessa and Mariupol, areas with a sizeable number of Ukrainian citizens of Greek descent. There is also a branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture in Odessa. Ukraine has set up an Embassy in Athens, a Consulate General in Thessaloniki and two Honorary Consulates in Piraeus and Rethimno (Crete).

Political Relations

Bilateral political relations between Greece and Ukraine are very good and have steadily developed in all sectors since Ukraine declared its independence (24/08/1991). They are based on century-old historical and cultural ties between the two peoples and are marked by a spirit of cooperation. Greece wants to promote bilateral relations further, taking into account the sizeable Greek community in Ukraine and the existing possibilities for the development of economic and trade cooperation.

Ukraine Crisis 

Greece is monitoring the developments in Ukraine with concern and has consistently come out in favor of the country’s independence and the preservation of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
We support that a solution can be only of a political, rather than a military, nature and must be achieved soon, so that the crisis does not take the form of a “frozen conflict”. In this context, immediate implementation of and respect for the Minsk agreement is a top priority.
Greece is implementing the measures agreed upon within NATO and the EU against Russia, concurrently and consistently supporting the need to keep open the channels of communication with Moscow, with the aim of avoiding the creation of new dividing lines in Europe.
Naturally, the Greek side’s top priority remains the protection of the Greek Community of Ukraine, which is directly and indirectly suffering the repercussions of the crisis.

Cultural Relations and Greek Community

There is great interest in Ukraine in the Greek language and culture. Ukrainian Universities in three cities have Modern Greek language chairs (Kyiv, Simferopol, Mariupol) and two others have Greek language departments (Odessa, Lviv). The Universities of Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Patras and the Aegean are implementing Greek language programmes in association with Ukrainian universities and have been hosting Ukrainian students and professors in Greece.
There is a significant Greek presence in southern and eastern Ukraine, which can be traced back to ancient Greek and Byzantine settlers. Ukrainian citizens of Greek descent amount to 91,000 people, although their number is estimated to be much higher by the Federation of Greek communities of Mariupol.

Λίγα Λόγια για τον Πρέσβη

Ukraine Mr. Volodymyr Shkurov | Ambassador of Ukraine

Place and date of birth:Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1958

Education:Taras Shevchenko State University of Kyiv

Scientific degree

PhD in Philology

Higher education programs:

2005 – higher diplomatic courses of Greek Center of diplomatic and strategic studies;

2008 – high training course for civil servants – S.E.N.S.E. Program by MFA of Poland and Warsaw University;

2009 – International courses of Diplomatic Academy of MFA of Russian Federation.

Career History:

1984-1986 – secondary school teacher in Kyiv;

1986-1989 –scientist of the Language Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;

1989-1992 – PhD student, Institute of Oriental studies of the Georgian Academy of Science, Tbilisi (Georgia);

1992-1995 – Linguistic scientist of the Language Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;

1995-1996 – first secretary of Western Europe division of MFA of Ukraine;

1996-2000 – first secretary, Councelor of the Embassy of Ukraine to Greece;

2001-2003 – Councelor of the Embassy of Ukraine to Greece;

2000-2001 – chief consultant of General Department for foreign policy of the Administration of the President of Ukraine;

2003-2005 – Consul General of Ukraine in Thessaloniki (Greece);

2006-2009 – Deputy Director of MFA of Ukraine Cultural and Humanitarian Department – Head of division for national minorities and religions;

2009-2010 – Minister-Councelor of the Embassy of Ukraine to Israel, Representative of Ukraine to the Palestinian National Authority;

2010- present time – Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine to the Hellenic Republic.

Foreign languages Greek and English

Marital status Married

Embassy in Kiev

Address : 10 Panfilovtsev Str., Kyiv 01901
Tel. : (0038044) 2545471-5
Fax : 2543998
Emergency tel: 0038 093 1942237
E-mail : , ,
Web Site :
Head of Mission: Vassilis Papadopoulos

Consular Office

Address : 10 Panfilovtsev Str., Kyiv 01901
Tel. : (0038044) 2545476, 2545478
Fax: (00 38 044) 2545805
Head: Antonios Papadopoulos – First Counsellor

Commercial Office

Address : 10 Panfilovtsev Str., Kyiv 01901
Tel: (0038044) 2543750, 2543763
Fax: 2545321
Head: Alexandros Oikonomou

Consulate General in Mariupol

Address : 10 , Varganova ul., Mariupol 87500
Tel. : (00380629) 47-04-38, 34-53-84, 52-84-90, 33-24-92
Fax : 528719
Emergency Tel: 0038 0676209168
Web Site:
Consul General : Tsakonas Konstantinos

Consulate General in Odessa

Address : Preobrazhenska 32, 65082 Odessa
Tel. : (0038048) 7860570 , 7860503 , 7860007
Fax : 7860571
Emergency Tel: 0038 0503330210
E-mail : ,
Web Site:
Consul General : Haziroglou Antonios

Commercial Office in Odessa

Address : Preobrazhenska 32, 65082 Odessa
Tel. : (0038048) 7263479
Fax: 7263254
E-mail :
Head: Dimitrios Ziogas

Embassy of Ukraine in Greece

Stefanou Delta 2, 152 37, Filothei
Τel: 210.680.02.30, Fax: 210.685.41.54

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