#Tourism:101 by IIEK NEW YORK!

Free Seminar!

On Friday, 12/02, don’t forget to register, to one of the most important Training Course about Tourism!

How does the Greek tourist market is being formed?

Are there still development and employment opportunities in the industry?

How does the training of future Tourism managers affect the quality and provision of Tourism services?

Focusing on Job opportunities in the specific field, IIEK NEW YORK organizes a workshop dedicated to tourism, with professional keynote speakers from the most important hotels and catering firms of the country.

The seminar will take place at the campus of the college in Kallithea, Thessaloniki 286 Street[ between the stations of Kallithea and Tauros, ISAP ]from 17.00-19.00!

Make sure to apply your registration at 211 10 39 800 or by e-mail at admissions@ieknewyork.gr

#Tourism:101 by IIEK NEW YORK!