Greece and Serbia established diplomatic relations in 1868. A Greek embassy has been in operation in Belgrade since 1880. Today, the embassy has an operational Consular Office, an Economic and Trade Affairs Bureau, a Press office, a Defence Attaché  office and a Police Liaison office.

There is mutual representation at Embassy level, in Athens and Belgrade. Serbia maintains a General Consulate in Thessaloniki, as well as honorary Consulates in Corfu and Argostoli.

Political Relations

Relations between the two countries are excellent, based on a strong bilateral contractual framework. Indicatively the following agreements are of note: agreement on mutual judicial cooperation, on cooperation in science and education, on tourism development, on air transport, on international road transport of people and goods, on economic and technological cooperation, and on the avoidance of double taxation. High-level visits are regularly carried out between the two countries.

Economic Relations

Greece is ranked third among foreign investors in Serbia. Additionally, Greece is a popular tourism destination among Serbians.

Cultural Relations and Greek Community

Culture is a privileged field for the promotion of bilateral relations. There is a faculty of Modern Greek Studies as part of the School of Classic Literature at the University of Belgrade since 1995. Modern Greek is taught at the Department of Classical Studies of the Belgrade School of Classic Literature, as well as in certain primary schools in Belgrade and it is taught concurrently with Ancient Greek in high-schools offering special modules.

Embassy in Belgrade

Address : Francuska 33, 11000 Belgrade
Tel. : (0038111) 3226523
Fax : 3344746
Emergency Tel: 0038111 3226523
E-mail :
Web Site :
Head of Mission : Konstantinos Ikonomidis

Consular Office in Belgrade

Address: Strahinjića Bana 76, 11000 Belgrade
Tel: (0038111) 3331906, 3341507
Fax: (0038111) 3331933
Head: Ioannis Ioannidis

Commercial Section in Belgrade

Address : Strahinjića Bana 76, 11000 Belgrade
Tel. : (0038111) 3231577, 3222338
Fax : (0038111) 3249215
E-mail :
Web Site
Head : Sofia Tsamiha

Embassy of Serbia in Greece

106, Vasilissis Sofias Ave.
11527 ATHENS
Phone: + 30210 / 777-43-44
Phone: + 30210 / 777-43-55 Fax: + 30210 / 779-64-36
Honorary Consulates

Consulate of Serbia in Greece

25, Evrou
115 27 Athens

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