El Salvador


Greece is represented in El Salvador via parallel accreditation of its Embassy in Mexico City, and El Salvador is represented in Greece by its Embassy in the Vatican.

Political Relations

Greek-El Salvadoran bilateral relations are very good, if limited. There is good cooperation in the framework of international organizations, chiefly seen in the mutual support of candidacies.
Competent Authority: Greek Embassy in Mexico City, Mexico.

Honorary Consulate in San Salvador

Address : 77 Avenida Norte 335, Colonia Escandon, San Salvador, El Salvador
Tel. : (00503) 2633402, 2633457
Fax : (00503) 2633403
Honorary Consul : Ruben Membreno Baire

Accredited Embassy of El Salvador

13, Via Gualtiero Castellini, 00197 Rome – ITALY
Τel : 0039.06.807.66.05, Fax: 0039.06.807.97.26
e-mail: embasalvaroma@tiscali.it
27, K.Varnali str.
146 71 Kifissia
e-mail: president@ergogreece.gr

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