Refugee crisis: Μaterial aid worth 1.05 million euros from Slovenia to Greece

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia decided yesterday to send material aid, worth 1.05 million euros, to Greece via the European Union civil protection mechanism, to deal with the refugee crisis.

The Slovenian assistance to Greece for managing the migration situation will include beds, blankets, a first aid tent, tents of different dimensions, heaters, sleeping mats and sleeping bags, raincoats, rubber boots and baby dippers.

The Government of Slovenia is committed to help mitigate Greece’s burden and is highly appreciative of the efforts of Greek people and its authorities when it comes to tackling the migrant crisis. The procedure for relocating the first group of 30 refugees from Greece to Slovenia is also currently under way.

The competent Greek authorities first requested for assistance through the European Union civil protection mechanism on 3.12.2015 and according to the revised trend of migration updated the requested list of assistance on 1.3.2016, with special emphasis on resources, equipment and facilities for medium term accommodation of displaced people. On 21 March 2016 European Commission called upon all member states to express solidarity and further assistance to Greece in reference with the managing the refugee crises. So far 17 EU Member states and Norway provided assistance for Greece.

13 trucks will depart from Slovenia – Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief during the week.