Greece is represented in Panama via parallel accreditation of its Embassy in Mexico City.

Political Relations

Greek-Panamanian bilateral relations are traditionally at a very good level. This is contributed to by the active presence of persons of Greek descent in Panama’s political life. The two countries cooperate closely, with mutual support of candidacies in international organizations.

Cultural Relations and Greek Community

Some 1,000 Greeks currently reside in Panama. The majority are economically successful and very active, with a positive participation in the country’s political life. The Greek community in Panama is the largest and most organized in Central America.

Competent Authority:

Greek Embassy in Mexico City, Mexico

Honorary Consulate in Colon

Address : Apto. Postal 415, Colon, Panama, Cale 31 Av. FedericoBoyd 4041, Inmobiliaria Tageropoulos, Colon, Panama
Tel. : (00507) 4450195
Fax : (00507) 4450171
Honorary Consul : Konstantinos Kitras

Honorary Consulate in Panama City

Address : Antiguo Edificio NCR, 3er piso, Calle Manuel Espinosa Batista y Entrada de la Via Argentina, El Dorado 6, 1918 Panama
Tel. : (00507) 2630411
Fax : (00507) 2635511
E-mail :
Honorary Consul : Haralambos Tzanetato

General consulate of Panama in Greece

1-3,  Filellinon & Akti Miaouli str.
185 36 Pireus

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