Training program for Consuls at the Embassy of Sweden

The headquarters of the Swedish Government (Swedish ministries) employ about 4,600 employees and approximately 100 Embassies and 360 Consulates. All Consulates are part of the Foreign Missions of Sweden abroad.

Consulates of Sweden around the world are serving important and extensive work. Much of support to the Embassy needs in various consular functions when Swedes are in difficulty in some way. Swedish consulates are also the eyes and ears at the local level in terms of cultural events that could participate or participation in interesting business opportunities. Moreover, the Consuls and their assistants represent Sweden and the Embassy in various activities  – from memorials to film festivals.

To meet these demanding tasks will naturally have both the Consuls and their assistants to be trained. Such a training program takes place this week, Thursday and Friday at the Embassy of Sweden. There is thus the possibility to Consuls and their assistants to be informed in detail regarding all developments in their field of consular assistance and passport issues to promote issues in the best possible way. All staff of the Embassy as well as colleagues from the Foreign Ministry in Stockholm will be involved during these two days, with presentations and workshops.