Morocco to return to the African Union

It seems that the African continent is seeking unity and integrity more than ever.  At its 27th summit held this week in Kigali, Rwanda, the African Union (UA), which is a panfrican organization, has launched the UA passport aimed at facilitating free movement of people in the continent.

Another highlight of the summit was the decision made by Morocco to return to the organization after its leave in 1984 due to the recognition of many African country of the Western Sahara. Today, things have changed and only few countries still recognize it. This situation urged Morocco, one of the AU founding members, to look for a prompt return to work from inside this institutional structure. The Moroccan King, Mohammed VI, addressed a letter to the summit recalling the commitment of Morocco towards the continent at all levels. “My country has forged a unique, authentic and tangible South-South cooperation model which has made it possible not only to consolidate cooperation in the traditional areas of training and technical assistance, but also to engage in new, strategic sectors such as food security and infrastructure development”, says the king is his message.

In fact, Even though it has quit the organization, Morocco has always been active in promoting peace, political stability and economic prosperity. The North African country is the second biggest investor in African, with a large banking network reaching all West African countries, but also development projects such its big plant for producing fertilizers designed to fit African agriculture. With the return of Morocco, the African Organization can only be strong enough to keep up to its challenges. The climate summit COP22 which is due in next November in Marrakech can be a good opportunity for Africa to voice its fears and aspirations as it is among the hardest hit by climate change.