Greece established diplomatic relations with Moldova on 27 March 1992. Greece’s Embassy to Kyiv has parallel accreditation to Chisinau, where Greece has an honorary Consulate. Moldova opened its Embassy in Athens in 2003.

Competent Authority: Greek Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine

Political Relations

Greece’s relations with Moldova are based on century-old cultural ties between the two peoples and they are marked by a spirit of cooperation, friendship, and mutual trust. Bilateral relations between Greece and Moldova are excellent and they have been constantly developing since Moldova became an independent state following the collapse of the former Soviet Union. Greece wants to promote these bilateral relations, particularly in the economic and trade sector.

Cultural Relations and Greek Community

There is great interest in Moldova in the Greek language and culture. Greek-language teaching is offered by three Moldovan higher education institutes. Today, the number of citizens of Greek origin living in Moldova range between 3,000 and 4,000, the mainly come from the former Soviet Union and are mostly Russian-speaking.


Honorary Consulate in Chisinau

Address : 33 Ismal Street, MD-2001, Chisinau, Moldova
Tel. : (0037322) 549236
Fax : (0037322) 549236
Honorary Consul : Gheorghe Duca

Embassy of Moldova in Greece 

Georgiou Mpakou 20, 115 24, Ν. Filothei
Τel: 210.699.03.72, Fax: 210.699.06.60

Consulate of Moldova in Greece 

20, Georgiou Bacu str.
115 24 Athens
Tel.: 210.699.03.72, 210.699.06.65
Fax: 210.699.06.60
e-mail: ,

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