Our country established diplomatic relations with Kuwait in 1964, and maintains an Embassy in the city of Kuwait. Kuwait has an Embassy in Athens.

Political Relations

The climate in our bilateral political relations is very good. Greece was among the 34 member-states of the Coalition Forces who contributed to the liberation of Kuwait from Iraq in 1991. The Foreign Ministries of Greece and Kuwait have concluded a Memorandum of Understanding on bilateral consultations. Based on the Archaeological Cooperation Agreement of 2007, two official Greek archaeological missions have been carried out to Kuwait, where Greek archaeologists carried out excavations and restoration work at the Hellenistic fort on the island of Failaka (December 2007-January 2008 and January 2009-February 2009). The name of the island derives from the Greek “Φυλάκιον” (“outpost”). During Alexander the Great’s campaign, the island was settled by Greeks, who named it Ikaria due to its topographical similarity to the Aegean island of the same name. Elements of Greek mythology are still intermixed with local myths.

There is a limited Greek presence in Kuwait. Most of the Greeks there work for Greek or foreign companies

Embassy in Kuwait

Address : Khaldiya, Bl.4,Str 44, Hs 4 (P.O.Box 23812 Safat 13099, Kuwait)
Tel. : (00965) 24817100 24817101 24834324
Fax: (00965) 24817103
Emergency tel: (00965) 66118034
E-mail : gremb.kuw@mfa.gr
Head of Mission: Theodoros Theodorou

Consular Office

Address : Khaldiya Bl. 4, Str 44, Hs 4 (P.O. Box 23812 Safat 13099, Kuwait)
Tel.: (00965) 24817100 24817101 24834324
Fax:(00965) 24817103
E-mail : grcon.kuw@mfa.gr
Head of Consular Section : Symeon Keletzis

Embassy – Consulate of Kuwait in Greece

27 Marathonodromon St.
154 52 Psychico
Tel +30 2106743593 2106743594
2106743595 Fax:+30 2106775875
Visa: 10:00-13:00

Consulate of Kuwait in Greece

27,  Marathonodromon str.
154 52 P. Psychico
e-mail: kuwemath@otenet.gr

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