JP pays tribute to the Moroccan soccer team

Paying tribute to the historic victory of the Moroccan soccer team in World Cup 2022, the cover of the Israeli daily “Jerusalem Post” of December 14, highlights the universal spirit of Morocco and enshrines the values of coexistence , interfaith dialogue and living together advocated by the Kingdom of the Morocco at all times.

JP relates that this cover reflects the centrality and exemplarity of this Moroccan model, in the resolution of the current major geostrategic issues. It highlights also the unique place occupied by Morocco in the concert of nations, as a flag bearer of the ideals of peace and concord on the international scene . In this regard, JP devoted a whole page for the Moroccan flag.

JP deems also that this Moroccan model finds its most eloquent expression in the Constitution of the Kingdom, the only one in the Arab-Muslim world that recognizes the Hebrew culture as an integral part of the Moroccan national identity.

This widespread coverage and the support generated by the whole world for Morocco, beyond religious, ethnic or geostrategic barriers; with regard to the performance of the National team soccer at the World Cup Doha- 2022, demonstrates that Moroccan Jews are proud of Morocco and its distinctive values wherever they are, notes JP.