Investigation into the financing of the the armed group of polisario and its links with Hezbollah

The international news channel « i24NEWS », broadcasted, on 1st February, an exclusive investigation revealing links between the funding networks of the armed group of polisario with Hezbollah.

The i24NEWS TV programme « The magazine Defense », presented by Matthias Inbar, broadcasted that on the basis on intelligence agencies reports as well as statments of the Spanish Civil Guard, it can be disclosed the identity of those behind financing the armed group of polisario, and it can be explained its mechanisms through “Hawala Tirs”, an informal remittance network.

During the report, bank accounts in Ireland and Spain as well as various money laundering networks to Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia were revealed.

In addition, the i24NEWS TV programme was able to prove the existence of close links between the armed group of polisario and Hezbollah. In fact, a video unveils the meeting between one of the leaders of the “Hawala Tirs”, which finances the the armed group polisario, and a Lebanese businessman of the “Qard El Hassan”, Hezbollah’s money laundering network.

The video broadcasted by i24NEWS: