Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International: advocating for human rights or destabilizing countries?

The NGOs Amnesty International (AI) and Human Rights Watch (HRW), which claim to defend universal human rights and unmask cruelties and violations all over the world, seem to have a hidden role to play far from ethics and nearer to defend its funders and donators’ interests.

In a report published on 4th August, Amnesty International accused Ukraine’s military forces of endangering the lives of civilians by using populated areas in their war with Russia.

This disgraced attitude forced the chief of (AI) in Ukraine, Oksana POLKALTCHOUK, to resign, expressing her indignation at the publication of this pro-Russia report without even having heard the Ukrainian side’s version.

For his part, Ukrainian President, Volodymyr ZELENSKY, also expressed his indignation at the biased behavior of (AI), which he accuses of « trying to amnesty the terrorist state » by putting « the victim and the aggressor in a certain way, on an equal footing ».

In view of that, tracking (AI) and (HRW) reports would indicate that their attitude is mostly oriented and targeted towards States and Governments, which do not adhere to international lobbying interests and blackmail.

Given the example of Morocco, a country usually covered by (AI) and (HRW) in their annual biased reports, without providing any credible evidence or truths, as if there is a plotted attempt to destabilize and undermine countries’ efforts on their way of sustainable development, meanwhile sparing other countries for fear of reprisals or for rewards and financial benefits.

The ugly truth about the two NGOs (AI) and (HRW) are denounced by many emeritus, Noble Peace prize laureates, and journalists. Not to mention, the statement of HRW founder Robert BERNSTEIN, who described his own organization as a « morally bankrupt organization ».

One can deduce, at length, that (AI) and (HRW) are tailoring human rights according to their own requirements.