The Green March speech from Senegal: the king’s deep symbolism for Africa

From Dakar, where he made a stop, back from his trip to east Africa, The King of Morocco delivered a speech to his nation but also to the continent itself. The occasion is indeed highly valuable for Moroccans. The Green March celebrates the peaceful liberation of the Sahara and the unification of Morocco. As Macky Sall, Senegal’s President, explains it, “the King chose to talk to Africa and Africans” on this historical day “to mark the friendship and confidence toward the people of Senegal”. Macky Sall also says “his Majesty the King has a vision for Africa and what Africa should be tomorrow”.

Indeed, in his speech, the king stressed that “Morocco’s return to the African Union is not a tactical decision”,  but a decision taken after careful thought, noting that the return of Morocco to the AU will not alter the country’s position towards the Moroccan Sahara.

Morocco in fact has never been absent from Africa, despite its “empty chair” policy in the African Union, the country is linked to the continent, especially West Africa, by dozens of all-field agreements and accords. Even politically, Morocco has been advocating Africa’s cause in international institutions and using his diplomatic weight to settle armed and political conflicts.