Foreign Ministry announcement on the 32nd anniversary of the declaration of the pseudo-state in Cyprus

The unilateral declaration of the illegal secessionist entity 32 years ago was a flagrant violation of and affront to international law and international legal order. The Turkish military invasion, the ongoing illegal occupation by the Turkish army, and the settlement of a portion of the territory of a sovereign state, the Republic of Cyprus, are unacceptable historical anachronisms.

Through the Resolutions of the UN Security Council (541/83 and 550/84), the international community has reaffirmed its respect for the territorial sovereignty and integrity of the Republic of Cyprus, condemning as legally void the declaration of the secessionist entity and calling on all states not to recognize it and not to facilitate or assist it in any way.

Greece will never accept or recognize the consequences of the Turkish invasion and occupation, and it will continue to support the efforts towards restoration of international legality, the withdrawal of the occupation troops, and the reunification of Cyprus based on the resolutions of the UN Security Council and Cyprus’s capacity as a member state of the European Union. The finding of a mutually acceptable and viable solution is the only means by which all Cypriots can live in an environment of freedom, democracy and stability.