Democratic Republic of Congo


Greece has an Embassy in Kinshasa and the Democratic Republic of  Congo has an Embassy in Athens.

Political Relations

Relations between the two countries are at a satisfactory level. On the bilateral level, the only pending matter in relations between the two countries is the issue of pecuniary damage for Greece nationals’ assets nationalized under the government of former Zair, on which there is, perhaps, the political will on the part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to pay the relevant sums, but the government lacks the necessary funds.
During the 1950s the Greek presence in the Congo increased substantially with the arrival of Greek migrants from Egypt. People of Greek origin developed a significant activity mainly in the fields of trade, river fishing and transport and also owned large coffee plantations, helping to maintain the road infrastructure and river shipping at a satisfactory level. They also forged very good relations with the local population, giving them satisfactory levels of pay and living conditions.
The Democratic Republic of the Congo has expressed a strong interest for Greek investments in the agricultural, fishing sectors, as well as in the production and trade in pharmaceutical products and handicraft, given that Greek businesspeople excelled in these sectors in the past.

Embassy in Kinshasa

Address : BLD du 30 Juin 87, Gombe Kinshasa , RDC
Tel . : (00243) 815554941-3 999970521 898946463
Fax : 815554945
Emergency phone:
E-mail :
Head of Mission : Alexandros Katranis

Consular Office

Address : BLD du 30 Juin 87, Gombe Kinshasa , RDC
Tel . : (00243) 815554941-3
Fax : 815554945

Honorary Consulate in Kisangani

Address : 4 Okito Street , B.P. 457, Kisangani, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Tel. : (00243) 81699943
Honorary Consul : Dimitrios Papadopoulos

Honorary Consulate in Lubumbashi

Address : 30 Rue Juin 729, B.P. 446, Lubumbasi, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Tel. : (00243) 97028220, 97028078
Fax : (00243) 8899320
Honorary Consul : Gerassimos Dounis

Embassy of Democratic Republic of  Congo in Greece

Kodrou 20, 152 31, Chalandri

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