The Court of Justice of the European Union launches its first application for smartphones and tablets

The Court of Justice of the European Union today launches its application, CVRIA, for smartphones and tablets, which runs under both IOS and Android.

The application is available in 23 EU languages which can be selected in the menu by the user.

It has four sections:

– ‘Case-law’: gives easy access to the latest decisions of the Courts of the CJEU (judgments, orders and Opinions);

– ‘Press releases’: shows the 10 most recent press releases published by the institution;

– ‘Judicial calendar’: gives an overview of the hearings, readings of Opinions and deliveries of judgments scheduled for the next five weeks;

– ‘Search’: gives easy access to all the case-law of the Court. This section allows searches to be made by case number, parties’ names and date and in full text mode.

The application is available on Google Play and the App Store: