Combating discrimination through Technology

The Exelixis Youth Leadership Institute is a non-governmental organization that aims to promote respect for cultural diversity and combat ignorance and discrimination. Through the organization of seminars and events we work to raise awareness and motivate collabarations.

On Occasion of the International Human Rights Day And The International Migrants Day, The Exelixis Institute is organizing a Event entitled “Combating Discriminations through technology” aiming to bring to the same table Communities , religious functionaries, diplomatic officials and academics.  Through discussion of topics such as the social and political challenges of a Diverse society, distinguishing features of each Targets Groups (Youth, Migrants, Religion Communities, Homosexual, Handicaps, Women’s), we will work to reach a consensus and develop joint initiatives.

Presentation will be held for the application “Fight for Rights”

Description of App:

A major increase of discriminatory and racist incidents in Greece towards vulnerable segments of the population has been noted in recent years. But even more alarming is the fact that only a small fraction of these are being officially reported. This is the issue the project Fight for Rights aims to tackle. Providing a freely available confidential means to credibly report such incidents and disseminating this information to authorities will assist in mitigating the problem and raise public awareness.

This mobile software application will enable someone to report a discriminatory incident or file a complaint online and in real time if possible. Data will be categorized by nature and type of incident, then allocated on digital map. Processed data will be disseminated to local authorities and interested parties to trigger specific targeted actions in response. There will be three-month, six-month and annual reviews, promotional actions including website and social media accounts, distribution to press agencies and local authorities for further dissemination. By involving wide spread user friendly technologies, uploading evidence in realtime, geo tagging incidents, promoting civic participation, targeting peak problem areas, allowing for statistical processing and further root cause analysis, there will be flexibility to report various types of incidents by any minority member or vulnerable group member.

Fight for Rights will address discrimination types and sectors where the incidents happened. There will be categories such as racial, religious and sex discrimination as well as in which context and sector the incidents occurred; such as health, police, labor, education and services.

The Program Event

Event Moderator: Christos Mazanis, journalist.

18:00–18:15 Attendance

18:15–18:35 Welcome speeches  by representatives of the State and Political Parties & The Exelixi Board Members


18:35–18:55 Jean-Daniel Colombani, Project Manager of The Exelixis Institute “Idea and potential ”

Presentation of the application “Fight for Rights”

18:55–19:05 Nikolaos Peppas, Economist, Paralympian

“Cutting off the shackles of exclusion and the crisis”

19:05–19:15 Dimitris Anastasopoulos, Lawyer, President of Greek Union of lawyers “e-Themis”

“Human rights, Technology & Racism: Slicing through the Gordian knot with the legislator”

19:15–19:25 Zefi Dimadama, Vice President PesWomen, Regional & Environmental Economist, PhD

“Technology as a tool for “defence” but also  “empowerment” of women and girls”

19:25–19:35 Michalis Marioras, Lecturer at The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Theology, History of Religion – Multiculturalism

“Religious discrimination in Greece: past, present and future”

19:35–19:45 Dina Vardaramatou, Program Coordinator Athens, PRAKSIS.

“Rhetoric and hate crimes and social reflexes”

19:45–19:55 Dr. Panos A. Efstathiou MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon, PhD, President of the Hellenic Association on Crisis Management in the Health Sector

“Is there discrimination in the health sector?”

19:55–20:05 Pamela Caravas, Executive & Leadership Coach, CEO Coaching Evovlution Int’l Ltd

“Body image discrimination”

20:05–20:15 Nikos Kostopoulos, Development manager, Youth Business Network

“A world for youth : Challenges and opportunities”

20:15–20:25 Sabiha Suleiman, Roma Activist in Greece & President of NGO “Hope” In Thrace

“The Roma in the Greek society: Actions against discrimination”

20:25–20:35 Rachid Ali, Member of the Athens Bar Association, Kurdish Activist.

“The Kurdish Ethnicity in European society: Refusal to accept?”

20:35–20:45 Representative of the Greek Transgender Support Association. TBC

20:45–21:00 Open discussion between speakers and audience