B.Obama: “We consistently work with our European partners to disrupt any incidents”

US President B. Obama in a press conference to international journalists said that the US are consistently working with their European partners to disrupt any incidents.

Key points of B.Obama’s Press Conference:

  • We have a sustained strategy
  • Our focus is on going after targets limiting their capabilities
  • We strengthen Syrian and Iraqi forces
  • We cut off borders
  • We will continue to generate more partners for that strategy
  • Some things might not work
  • Underestimated the abilities of ISIs?
  • We have not underestimated the abilities of ISIS
  • That is why we mobilised 65 countries to go after them
  • We apply counter terrorism strategies
  • We apply pressure on countries that they have not been as robust as they need to be
  • Our authorities have had acute awareness from the start
  • We consistently work with our European partners to disrupt any incidents
  • We are in constant vigilance – that requires coordination
  • They are killers with fantasies of glories that infiltrate the minds of disinfected individuals around the world

Watch Obama’s speech: