Greece established diplomatic relations with Yemen in 1972, but bilateral relations are limited. Greece is represented in Yemen by its Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen is represented in Greece through its Embassy in Rome.

Political Relations

The EU started providing assistance to Yemen in 1980, and since then this assistance has gradually increased. Yemen is a candidate for membership in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Very few Greeks reside in Yemen.

Άμισθο Προξενείο Sana’ a

Δ/νση: Wadi Dahr Road, P.O. Box: 13590 Sana’ a, Yemen
Τηλέφωνο: (009671) 372490
Fax: (009671) 370253
Επίτιμος Πρόξενος: Abdulaziz Morshed Ali Al-Sheik

Competent Authority: Greek Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

10, Via Antonio Bosio – 00161 Rome – ITALY
tel: 0039., Fax: 0039.

Honorary Consulate in Sana’a

Address : Wadi Dahr Road , P.O. Box: 13590 Sana’a, Yemen
Tel. : 009671) 372490
Fax : (009671) 370253
Honorary Consul : Abdulaziz Morshed Ali Al-Sheik

Honorary Consulate of Yemen in Athens

79,  G. Seferi
154 51 N. Psichiko – Athens
Tel.: 210.671.72.80
Fax: 210.674.25.02

Liaison office of FYROM in Greece 

15,  Papadiamanti
154 52 P. Psychico
Tel : 210.674.95.85-210.674.95.48
Fax : 210.674.95.72
e-mail :

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