85% EU financing to promote agriculture in Greece

The European Commission recently adopted a program to promote agriculture in Greece by 85% financing it from European funds.

The programs amounting to 111 mil. Euro aimed at the opening of new markets and promoting consumption inside and outside the EU and they are an important part of the measures proposed by the European Commission to support farmers.

“Enjoy it, it is European”: the new promotion policy adopted a few days ago by the European Commission will help the professionals of the agricultural sector to enter international markets or consolidate their presence in them, and will raise awareness of European consumers. To achieve this objective, the Commission will allocate more funds, increase the co-financing rate and reduce the bureaucracy for approving the relevant projects. These measures are part of an initiative to gradually increase the EU budget available for promotion by 61 mil. Euro in 2013 (when the new rules were proposed) to 200 mil. Euro in 2019.

Under the new rules, EU co-financing rates will increase from 50% to 70-80% (85% for Greece and Cyprus). At the same time, the national co-financing is canceled and it is created, in this way, a level of equality to the competitiveness between Member States.