The deep roots of Lepen’s victory

Μελέτης Μελετόπουλος, Δρ.Οικονομικών και Κοινωνικών Επιστημών

Meletis Meletopoulos, Dr of Economics and Social Sciences

Regardless the election of governors in the second round in France, Lepen’s FrontNational has marked a critical momentum –that of the first party- in the French regional elections last Sunday. The possibility that Lepen will be the next President of France becomes obvious, especially if any other terrorist incidents take place, a possibility which can be excluded.

 by Meletis Meletopoulos

What lies beneath Lepen’s success is the failure of traditional democratic political parties of Europe to manage the mass migratory flow of both African and Asian populations, towards Europe. The postwar European status quo, entrapped in its own illusions and deeply drawn into its colonial guilt, fails to realize the real dimensions of the problem, as well as to see the historical depth and understand the motives of the jihad fighters.

In addition, the European elite, free from religious burdens, is incapable of conceiving  the metaphysics inspired in the jihadists minds, which ultimately motivate them to willfully commit suicide attacks.

As a result, there seems to be nor any political will, neither the mental capacity, in order for the European traditional democratic parties to even pursue a resolution of the problem.

This is a failure on its own right, because only the democratic political parties could manage this crisis with a carefully drafted plan, displaying full respect to human rights. To separate the radical islamists from moderate ones, to protect the second from public rage and the extreme jihasts’s propaganda, as well as to intercept any violent social clashes.

Following the Paris attacks, the French society displays a total change. Collective instincts of self-preservation were brutally awoken, while thousands of youngsters join either the armed forces or the police. The French are eager to fight back!

However the traditional political parties seem incapable of adjusting themselves. That is where Lepen comes in, to bridge the gap, with a policy which is almost certain that it will broaden any cracks.

* Meletis Meletopoulos holds a Phd in Economic and Social Sciences from the University of Geneva  .