The Greek Embassy in Damascus suspended operation in July 2012, for security reasons. The Syrian Embassy in Athens suspended its operation in December 2012, since which time consular services for Syrian citizens in Greece have been provided by the Syrian Embassy in Sofia.

Political Relations

Relations between the two peoples are historically very warm. Greece, with sincere interest and concern, is participating in the international community’s efforts to achieve a political solution to the ongoing bloodshed in Syria, in the belief that there is no military solution that will safeguard the interests of the Syrian people and stability in the region. In this framework, Greece fully supports the mediating efforts of Joint Special Representative Brahimi, and believes that the solution must come from Syrians themselves. Concurrently, following the long period of bloodshed, for which the Syrian regime is primarily responsible, Greece believes that President Assad has been de-legitimized and should facilitate, through his departure, the building of a peaceful future for all Syrians, regardless of ethnic or religious community. Understandably, Greece has a special interest in Syria’s Greek Orthodox community – the faithful of the Patriarchate of Antioch – which is the largest Christian community in Syria and an historically strong bond between the Syrian and Greek peoples.
The Embassy of Greece in Damascus has suspended its operation.

Embassy in Damascus
Address : Mezzeh-Est, Farabi Street Garden, Bldg.Pharaon, Damascus (P.O.Box 30319)
Tel. : (0096311) 6115009, 6113035 –
Fax : 6114920
Emergency tel: 00963933337304/ 00963988098733
E-mail :

Consular Office
Address : Mezzeh-Est, Farabi Street Garden, Bldg.Pharaon, Damascus (P.O.Box 30319)
Tel. : (0096311) 6129551
Fax : 6114920
E-mail :

Commercial Section 
Address : Rue Al-Jazaery 6 (Ata Ayoubi Str.), P.O. Box 3792, Damascus Syria
Tel. : (0096311) 3342168
Fax : 3342168
E-mail :

Honorary Consulate in Lattaquie
Address : 8 March Street, P.O. Box 207, Lattaquie, Syria
Tel. : (0096341) 467881
Fax : (0096341) 459915
E-mail :
Honorary Consul : Al Hanna Ayoub

Honorary Consulate in Tartous
Address : Al Wahdeh Street , P.O. Box 4011, Tartous, Syria
Tel. : (0096343) 221104, 325000
Fax : (0096343) 329900
E-mail :
Honorary Consul : Hazem Danial

Honorary Consulate in Aleppo
Address : Jasmine Str. no 17, P.O.BOX. 16256, Aleppo, Syra
Tel. : (0096321) 26 33 787
Fax : (0096321) 26 39 855
E-mail :
Honorary Consul : Georgios Katinis

Embassy of Syria in Greece
Diamantidou 61, 154 52, Psichiko
Τel: 210.672.55.77, Fax: 210.671.64.02

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