Call for proposals to develop narrative storytelling video games

Are you a European video game production company? Creative Europe has a call for proposals to develop narrative storytelling video games!
Deadline: 03/03/2016

The present call for proposals is subject to the availability of the funds after the adoption of the
budget for 2016 by the budgetary authority.

This notice is based on the Regulation No 1295/2013 of the European Parliament and of the
Council of 11/12/2013 on establishing the Creative Europe Programme (2014-2020) and its
corrigendum of the 27/06/2014 1

Within the field of reinforcing the audiovisual sector’s capacity, one of the priorities of the
MEDIA Sub-programme is to:
– increase the capacity of audiovisual operators to develop European audiovisual works with a
potential to circulate in the Union and beyond and to facilitate European and international coproduction.
The MEDIA Sub-programme shall provide support for:
– the development of European audiovisual works in particular films and television works
such as fiction, documentaries, children’s and animated films, as well as interactive works
such as videogames and multimedia with enhanced cross-border circulation potential.

This notice of a call for proposals is aimed at European video game production companies
which have been legally constituted for at least 12 months prior to the submission date
and that can demonstrate a recent success.
Applications from legal entities established in one of the following countries are eligible as long
as all conditions referred to in Article 8 of the Regulation establishing the Creative Europe
Programme are met:
– EU Member States;
– Acceding countries, candidate countries and potential candidates benefiting from a preaccession
strategy, in accordance with the general principles and general terms and
conditions for the participation of those countries in Union programmes established in
the respective Framework Agreements, Association Council Decisions or similar
– EFTA countries which are members of the EEA, in accordance with the provisions of the
EEA Agreement;
– The Swiss Confederation, on the basis of a bilateral agreement to be concluded with that
– Countries covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy in accordance with the
procedures established with those countries following the framework agreements
providing for their participation in European Union programmes;
The Programme shall also be open for bilateral or multilateral cooperation actions targeted at
selected countries or regions on the basis of additional appropriations paid by, and specific
arrangements to be agreed upon with, those countries or regions.
Proposals from applicants in non EU countries may be selected, provided that, on the date of the
award decision, agreements have been signed setting out the arrangements for the participation of
those countries in the programme established by the Regulation referred to above.

Only the activities relating to the development phase for the following projects are eligible:
– Narrative storytelling video games regardless of platform or expected distribution method.
In all cases the video game must be intended for commercial exploitation.
The Call for Proposals has one deadline. The application for support must be submitted between
the date of the publication of the Call for Proposals and 03/03/2016, 12.00 noon (midday Brussels
The duration of the project is until 30 months from the date of submission.

Points will be allocated out of a total of 100 on the basis of the following weighting:
Quality and content activities (20 points)
 Quality of the content, the storytelling of the project and originality of the concept against
existing works
Innovative character of the project (20 points)
 Innovation i.e. the extent to which the project pushes the boundaries of the existing offer
proposing “cutting edge” techniques and content
Relevance and European added-value (20 points)
 The development strategy and potential for European international exploitation (including
management of IP rights)
Dissemination of project results (20 points)
 The distribution, communication and marketing strategy and suitability for the target
audience including accessibility features
Organisation of the project team (10 points)
 Distribution of the roles and responsibilities of the creative team vis-à-vis the specific
objectives of the proposed action
Impact and sustainability (10 points)
 The financing strategy for the development and production and the feasibility of the
Additional “automatic” points for:
1) Projects targeted specifically at children (up to the age of 12 years old) (5 extra points)

The total budget available is 2.6 M €. The financial contribution awarded is a subsidy.
The contribution is between EUR 10.000 and EUR 150.000 for the concept and project
development of an European video game (activities to the point that the concept leads to a
playable prototype or trial version).
The financial contribution awarded will in no event exceed 50% of the total eligible costs
submitted by the applicant.

Applications must be submitted to the Executive Agency (EACEA) using the online application
form (eForm) no later than 03/03/2016 at 12.00 noon (midday Brussels time).
No other method of submission of an application will be accepted.
Applicants shall ensure that all the documents requested and mentioned in the eForms are

The full text of the guidelines together with the application forms, can be found at the following
Internet address:
Applications must comply with all the terms of the guidelines and be submitted on the forms