Greece’s Embassy in Pretoria is accredited to Mozambique, and Mozambique is represented in Greece via parallel accreditation of its Embassy in Rome.

Political Relations

Greek-Mozambique political relations are good. Greece’s main imports from Mozambique include tobacco, aluminium and lumber, and Greece has in the past exported telecommunications equipment, electrical appliances, clothing, cereal products, and fruits and vegetables to Mozambique. Greece provides development assistance to Mozambique and is pursuing the conclusion of agreements in the shipping and tourism sectors.
Some 150 persons of Greek descent reside in Mozambique – mainly in the capital, Maputo. The Diocese of Mozambique was established in 2006.
Competent Authority: Greek Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa.




Honorary General Consulate Maputo

Address: Av. Mao Tsé Tung no. 930, P.O. Box 90, Maputo, Mozambique
Τel: (0025821) 492115, 492120, 1
Fax: (0025821) 492491
Honorary General Consul: Gerasimos Marketos

Accredited Embassy of Mozambique for Greece

14, Via Filippo Corridoni – 00195 Rome – ITALY
Τηλ: 0039., Fax: 0039.

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