Crucial vote in the House of Lords tomorrow about the bombings in Syria

The British House of Commons is convening tomorrow morning at 10 GMT (12.00 Athens time) in order to vote for or against the suggested British bombings against ISIL fighters. The British PM in a televised message, said that the bombings are “in the interest of Britain” and called the members of the House of Lords to support his proposal.

Two years ago David Cameron once again called for a vote on Syria bombings, however he did not receive the necessary majority. Provided that he gets the “green light” from the House of Lords tomorrow, British bombers may commence any operations immediately – possibly within the day.


flickr photo by The Prime Minister’s Office http://flickr.com/photos/number10gov/4603645735 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

The governing party is expected to receive a supporting vote from 50-70 members of the Labour party, following a forced 180 degree u-turn of its leader, Jeremy Corbyn. David Cameron on the other hand appears optimistic about a positive vote. Provided he gets a clear majority, he is expected to call his cabinet to ratify the decision for British bombings against ISIS-DAESH.

Difficulties and obstacles

A major difficulty in the military operations against DAESH remains the war against ISIL fighters on the ground. David Cameron’s response to this issue has been the use of ground forces –around 70.000 troops either from the Syrian army or from Kurdish fighters, excluding any British troops. However the PM’s reply does not seem to satisfy the MPs, with regard to the effectiveness of the military operations, involving only British bombings.