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Greece and Cuba have full diplomatic relations. Greece has an Embassy in Havana and Cuba has an Embassy in Athens.

Political Relations

Greek positions on matters concerning Cuba are elaborated jointly with our community partners based on the EU Common Position on Cuba.
There is good cooperation between the two countries on mutual support for candidacies within the framework of international organizations.

Cultural Relations and Greek Community 

According to data from our Embassy in Havana, there are 45 Greek citizens currently living in Cuba. They are mainly occupied in the shipping sector and shipping enterprises, which was the initial reason for their establishment in the country. There is no organized Greek community.
Cuba is under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Greek Orthodox Metropolitanate of Mexico and Central America, which is seated in Mexico City.

Embassy in Havana

Address : 5ta avenida & 78, 7802 Miramar, Havana, CP 11300
Tel. : (00537) 2042995, 2042854
Fax : 2079550
Emergency Tel: 00537 2141463/ 2141106/ 0035 2435150
E-mail :
Head of Mission : Roza Ieremia

Consular Office

Address: 5ta avenida & 78, 7802 Miramar, Havana, CP 11300
Tel: (00537) 2042854 2042995
Fax: 2041784
Head of Consular Section: Aimilia Maniataki

Embassy of Cuba in Greece

5 Sofokleous Street
152 37 Filothei
Tel +30 2106842807
Fax:+30 2106842807
Visa: 10:30-15:30


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