What does the European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) offer?

The European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) is a web portal enabling EU-based project promoters to reach potential investors worldwide.

What can the European Investment Project Portal do for you?
As the central portal for investment projects across Europe, registration on the EIPP will boost the visibility of your project.
The publication of your project will offer access to a large network of investors, consultants and advisory services that can help you to structure it and finance it.
The EIPP gives you an opportunity to find investors from all over the world looking for investment opportunities and will help you to bring your plan to fruition.

How can I register my project on the European Investment Project Portal?
The EIPP is in its pre-launch phase. If you would like to submit your project, please fill out and email to us the EIPP project form.

The processing fee for project submissions is EUR 100 during the pre-launch phase and EUR 250 thereafter. Payment details will be sent once submissions are received.

Is my project eligible for the European Investment Project Portal?
In order to qualify, projects must be:

Worth at least EUR 10 million
Expected to start within three years of their submission to the EIPP
Promoted by a public or private legal entity established in an EU Member State
Compatible with all applicable EU and national laws
Publication of a project can be denied on legal, reputational or other grounds.

When will the European Investment Project Portal go live?
The EIPP is currently under active development. It will go live in early 2016.

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