Following the suspension of the operation of Greece’s Embassy in Cameroon (July 2009), our country is represented in Cameroon through the parallel accreditation of our Embassy in Nigeria. Cameroon is represented in Greece through its Embassy in Paris.

Political Relations

Greece’s political relations with Cameroon are very good. The most significant field of cooperation between the two countries is the successful exchange of support between the two countries for their candidacies within international fora. Our country has been providing development assistance to Cameroon.

Cultural Relations and Greek Community

A number of Greeks settled in Cameroon starting in 1919. In 1985, the Greek community numbered about 1500 people. Today, there are some 300 permanent residents and approximately 100 seasonal residents during the coffee and cocoa harvests. All of them are successful businessmen or company executives and most of them have set up their own businesses in Greece. Yaoundé is the seat of the Alexandria Patriarchate’s Ηoly Archdiocese of Cameroon and Central Africa. The Archdiocese also carries out missionary work and has already set up several churches in the country.
Competent Authority: Greek Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria.

Consul in Brief

Cameroon Alexandros Georgiou| Interim Consulate of Cameroon in Greece

Interim Consulate General of the Republic of Cameroon
Address: Markou Renieri 3
Filotheh, 15337
Athens Greece
Tel: 210-6717865
mob: 6948320707

DOB: 10/01/1978
School: American Community Schools Athens Greece
University: University of Westminster London England
May 2005 – July 2015 Assistant to the late Consulate General of the Republic of Cameroon Mr Papadopoulos
01Nov – Pressent: Equine Physiotherapy Sports Horses.
Jan 2012 -Jan 2013 President of the Hellenic Show jumping association
1994-2005 International show jumping teem member. Senior member and team leader of the international equestrian team of Greece.

Honorary Consulate Douala

Address: B.P. 617, Douala, Cameroon
Tel: (00237) 33502163, 33422557
Fax: (00237) 33502168
Honorary Consul: Anestis Arnopoulos

Honorary Consulate in Yaound

Address: Deco Centre International (ETOA-MEKI), B.P.5311, Yaounde, Cameroon
Tel: (00237) 99929205, 96702192, 79523131
Honorary Consul: Grigorios Dimitriadis

Accredited Embassy of Cameroon for Greece

Ambassade du Cameroun en Suisse
Brunnadernrain 29
CH-3006 Berne
Tel: +41(0) 31 352 47 37

Markou Venieri 3, 15237, Filothei
Τηλ:, Fax:


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