Greece has an Embassy in Harare, whereas Zimbabwe does not have a Embassy in Greece and does not have the financial capacity to set one up. Zimbabwe does not have an Honorary Consulate in Greece.

Political Relations 

Relations between Greece and Zimbabwe are at a quite good level despite the targeted sanctions imposed by the EU due to the country’s domestic political problems. In the period 2008-2009, Greece allocated a significant total of US$ 1.5 million through the World Food Program (WFP), the WTO, and also on a bilateral level as humanitarian aid to Zimbabwe, and it also grants academic and military scholarships.

Cultural Relations and Greek Community

The Greek Community in Zimbabwe numbered 13,000-15,000 people in 1972, but has now been reduced to about 1,000 Greeks or people of Greek origin. The Greek Cypriot community consists of some 1,200 persons. The current diminishing trend in their numbers is mostly due to the deterioration of Zimbabwe’s domestic and financial situation. Apart from a number of landowners and businesspeople, most members of the Greek Community in Zimbabwe are occupied in trade and bakery activities. They are organized in communities and a Greek secondary school is in operation. The Holy Archdiocese of Zimbabwe and Southern Africa is under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Alexandria.

Embassy in Harare

Address : 8 Deary Avenue , Belgravia, Harare-Zimbabwe, P.O.Box 4809
Tel. : (002634) 793208, 764417, 764418
Fax : 703662
Emergency Tel: +263 777 452532, +263 772 437821
E-mail : gremb.har@mfa.gr
Web Site: www.mfa.gr/harare
Head of Mission : Leonidas Contovounesios

Consular Office

Address : 8 Deary Avenue , Belgravia, Harare-Zimbabwe, P.O.Box 4809
Tel. : +2634 793208, 764417, 764418
Fax : 703662
E-mail : gremb.har@mfa.gr
Head: Smaragda Yanniou

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