Greece is represented in Zambia through its Embassy in Harare, and Zambia’s Embassy in London has parallel accreditation for Greece. There is an Honorary General Consulate of the Hellenic Republic in Lusaka.

Political Relations

Political relations between Greece and Zambia can be characterized as good, though limited in terms of frequency, also due to the current visa requirement for Greek citizens entering the country. Greece has provided significant humanitarian aid to Zambia, mainly through “Medecins sans Frontieres”, and it has also funded a project for the construction of a secondary school in Lusaka.
The Greek community in Zambia consists of some 400 persons who play a role in the domestic economy. The Greek community is active in the capital, Lusaka.
Competent Authority: Greek Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Honorary Consulate in Lusaka

Address: Mpile Office Park, 6th floor, 74 Indepedence Avenue, Lusaka
Tel: Fax: (00260) 211251127
Honorary Consul: Michael Crouping

Accredited Embassy of Zambia for Greece

2, Palace Gate, Kensigton – Londres W8 5NG – ENGLAND
Τηλ: 0044., Fax: 0044.

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