Our country is not represented in Eritrea. Eritrea’s Embassy in Rome has parallel accreditation for Greece.

Political Relations

Relations between the two countries are good, and bilateral and multilateral cooperation is satisfactory.
Greece has an honorary Consulate in Asmara.
Competent Authority: Greek Embassy in Khartoum, Soudan.

Honorary Consulate in Asmara

Address : P.O. Box 4173, Asmara, Eritrea
Tel. : (0030210) 3618419, 3625157
Fax : (002911) 122017
Honorary Consul : Socrates-Nikolaos Bourbouli

Accredited Embassy of Eritrea for Greece

16 via Boncompagni, 00187 Rome – ITALY
Τηλ: 0039., Fax: 0039.06.42.08 68.06
Efstratiou Pissa 1 str.
117 45 Athens
Mob.: 6944 808 070
e-mail :

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