Greece has an Embassy in Algiers, and Algeria has an Embassy in Athens. Greece was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with Algeria following the latter’s independence, and the Algerian Embassy in Greece is among those that Algeria never abandoned during the difficult period during which the country was plagued by terrorism.

Political Relations

Greek-Algerian political relations have consistently been at an excellent level since Algeria’s independence (1962), and there is express political will from both countries for further promotion and expansion of these relations. No political dispute has ever darkened the relations between the two countries, which, as Mediterranean countries, have many shared views on a variety of issues. Our country recognizes Algeria’s stabilizing and constructive role in the Arab world and North Africa, and we firmly support Algeria’s relations with the European Union. These good relations extend to the sectors of economy and cultural cooperation, as well as to cooperation in international organizations and mutual support for the two countries’ candidacies in these organizations.

Embassy in Algiers

Address : 60, Blv Colonel Bougara, 16030 El Biar, Alger
Tel. : (0021321) 921228, 923491, 928476
Fax : (0021321) 923490
Emergency phone: 0021321-9212280021321-921228/ 923491/ 928476
E-mail :
Web Site:
Head of Mission : Ifigeneia Kontoleontos

Consular Office in Algiers

Address : 60, Blv Colonel Bougara, 16030 El Biar, Alger
Tel. : (0021321) 923642
Fax : (0021321) 923490
Head: Delikos Konstantinos

Commercial Section in Algiers

Address : 60, Blv Colonel Bougara, 16030 El Biar, Alger
Tel. : (0021321) 929669
Fax : (0021321) 929669
E-mail :
Head: Belias Nikolaos

Embassy of Algeria in Greece

14 Vas. Konstantinou Ave.
116 35 Athens
Tel +30 2107564191-2
Fax:+30 2107018681
Visa: 09:00-11:00



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