Greece and Ethiopia have had long-standing, traditional friendly relations. The first Greek mission to Ethiopia dates from 1917, with the establishment of the Greek Consulate, which became Greek Embassy in 1935. The historical Greek communities of Addis Ababa have substantially contributed to improving relations. Ethiopia is represented in Greece through its Embassy in Athens.

Political Relations

The issue of pecuniary damage for nationalized-confiscated assets under the Dergue dictatorship (1974–1991) is at the heart of talks between the two countries towards finding a mutually beneficial settlement.

Ethopia has a small, albeit dynamic, Greek community of 200-250 persons – mostly businesspeople – many of whom come from mixed marriages. Five Greek schools are in operation in Ethiopia. The Greek Orthodox Diocese of Axum under Metropolitan Petros is seated in Addis Ababa.

Embassy in Addis Abeba

Address : Off Debre Zeit Road, P.O. Box 1168, Addis Abeba
Tel. : (002511) 4654911-2
Fax : (002511) 4665588
Emergency phone: 00251-911214664
E-mail :
Head of Mission : Nikolaos Protonotarios

Consular Office in Addis Abeba

Address : Off Debre Zeit Road, P.O. Box 1168, Addis Abeba
Tel. : (002511) 4654911 4654912
Fax: (002511) 4665588
Head: Panagiotis Giannakopoulos

Embassy of Ethiopia in Greece

Leoforos Syggrou 253, 171 22, Αthens
Τel: 210.940.34.83, Fax: 210.942.60.50

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