LAASA members visited Dora Stratou Greek Dances Theatre

”Today several LAASA members visited Dora Stratou Greek Dances Theatre. I can’t decide (again!) which are more beautiful, the ladies or the colourful traditional costumes!

Situated in a peaceful street of Plaka, Dora Stratou Dances Theatre is a cosy and welcoming place where Greek national dance is taught to hundreds of enthusiasts. With their everyday research work, own orchestra and a theatre, a big collection of national costumes and a publishing centre Dora Stratou Dance Theatre is a unique living museum of Greek dance, established in 1953.

We were welcomed by the current president Professor Alkis Raftis and media manager Caroline Daniels. After that we saw a stunning collection of authentic national garments, tried some of them on and learned to dance under the direction of Marina Christofakis. The pleasure was ours!

Participating members from Brazil, Montenegro, Spain, Georgia, Morocco, Estonia, Japan, Switzerland”, mentioned LAASA – Lady Ambassadors, Ambassadors’ Spouses, Athens 



12801648_1743682409195842_1105348002109738492_nphotos by LAASA