Between the accusation of Anti-Semitism and the critique of politicians of Israeli occupation

Article by the Ambassador of the State of Palestine H.E. Marwan Toubassi

Ambassador of the State of Palestine H.E. Marwan Toubassi

Ambassador of the State of Palestine H.E. Marwan Toubassi

Being accused of anti-Semitism has become so commonplace to whoever criticises the politics of the Israeli occupation and opposes the violations of the State of Israel against the Palestinian people and against the international law and the various international conventions.

The common practice of certain Israeli politicians, extreme Jewish groups and Jewish lobbies attaching this false accusation of anti-Semitism against the parties that are calling for the implementation of International Legality and criticising a state whose policies are identical with the essence of apartheid, this practice does not serve Jewish religion, quite the opposite, it forms a threat to it.

The most brutal forms of oppression against the Palestinian people, the continuation of the occupation, the military aggression and the implementation of the illegal settlement policies, form a great provocation for all humanity. No one accuses the meanings and teachings of Judaism which belongs to the monotheistic religions adopted by men, even in the shade of ideological differences related to the interpretation of many of its texts.

We do not hold responsible each and every Jew in the world for the policies of the Israeli State because we differentiate between religion and politics, respecting Judaism in the same way we respect Islam and Christianity.

What the settlers, the extremists and the Israeli Government do is a continuous crime against our people and expresses a tendency for extreme violence and terror as do the bestial practices of the Israeli Army and the illegal assassinations that have forced many Israeli politicians to harshly criticise their government such as Herzog, leader of opposition in Knesset, Yaalon, resigned Minister of Defence, Ehud Baraek former Prime Minster and many journalists, academics and friends of peace and all that are in agreement that the Israel maintains and expands a fascist, racist attitude, raising the question whether it is possible for all that support justice to be accused of anti-Semitism. Are they all anti-Semites?

Palestine, as country and people, with its history, its tradition and its existence has suffered a historical slaughter and a theft unparalleled in modern history and remains in this state in front of the eyes of the entire world.

Those that disagree and criticise Israel’s behaviour, are not anti-Semites, they are humanitarians and defenders of law and justice in this world.